an3x is an acronym for animal 3xploitation, synonymous for the systemic exploitation and murdering of non-human animals. This website is meant to show the unfiltered truth about the animal industries and to illustrate the necessity of veganism as a way of non-violent living.

Veganismus is a justice movement for non-human animals. Non-human animals are here on this planet along with us, not for us. As these animals are capable to experience complex emotions (sadness, joy, fear, suffering), just like us, and as they as individuals form the center of their own, sentient lives, animals deserve the fundamental right to NOT be treated as mere objects and to NOT be used for our own gain as slaves.

The production of animal products is inevitably entangled with oppression, exploitation and the murder of animals. Veganism means not to consume any products of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs, cheese, leather, fur, cosmetics, etc.), even though this kind of systemic oppression and violence against animals is seen as 'normal' in our society and its traditions.

Furthermore visiting zoos, aquariums, buying or breeding “pets”, riding, dog races i.e. are – oftentimes less obvious - forms of unethical animal slavery and should be boycotted if animal rights are to be granted.

Veganism simply means to leave the animals alone, to not send them to slaughterhouses, to not take anything away from them and in turn grant them the right for freedom and physical inviolacy, just like any living being would wish for.

Do as you would be done by!

Speciesism is the first occurrence of racism and is learned during childhood. A classic example of speciesism: to pet dogs but to kill and eat pigs.
Speciesism is just as irrational as racism, sexism or homophobia and means discrimination of animals solely on grounds of their phenotype.
What's the difference between dogs and pigs that justifies the ones to be put to death in a gas chamber and to be turned into ham whereas the other are kept as loved 'pets'? That is just as irrational as to declare someone as inferior and less worthy just because their skin is of different color or because they are sexually aligned differently.

Some animals we label as 'production animals', whereas the sole thought of eating our 'pets' seems babaric. The honest truth is that consumption of animals and animal products, except for survival situations, is always babaric, independent of what species of animal it is.

If you wouldn't identify as racist, and you actively speak up against racism in your everyday life, then you must also not be a 'speciesist' and speak up against speciesist behaviour - because speciesism follows the same discriminatory pattern as racism.

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